June 26, 2022

Quantum Computing -- another harbinger of ascending Dwapara Yuga



Quantum Computing is taking off per McKinsey. It's a field that only began in 1980 -- https://www.mckinsey.com/.../how-quantum-computing-could...

Quantum technologies, although in their infancy today, have the capacity to transform our world much as the generations of classical computers that followed the Manchester Baby back in 1948.
In the 2020s just as in the 1940s, a major driver for innovation is cryptography and government funding.

Origins of modern postural yoga -- more East & West than Vedic


I recently discovered Singleton's book that makes clear that modern postural yoga although marketed as a product of Vedic India is more a hybrid of colonial and post colonial globalization.

Yoganadaji's particular take on postural yoga, the Yogoda or Energization Exercises, was itself a mix of ancient Indian techniques, military fitness routines, and body building exercises.
We can see similar processes in traditional martial arts like Karate where Okinawan techniques were influenced by Western Boxing and military training programs, especially as they were scaled up in universities with large programmed classes and less emphasis on personalized / one-on-one tuition.
MMA is another example of globalized sports training. It comes from a rule book based around Vegas/Live TV entertainment needs and a ready made talent pool in US high school wrestling. 
Its early development was tied to the Scottish Gracie family living in Brazil, where they adapted Japanese Jujitsu to a local culture of one-on-one wrestling, with bare feet, no weapons, and bystanders not interfering with fighters.

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