April 12, 2015

Much more is needed - what are YOU writing?


Yoganandaji began his mission in the US in 1920 (Dwapara Yuga 220) with nationwide lecture tours and lessons by mail, the height of media savvy at the time. This lasted thru the founding of Mount Washington in 1925 (DY 225) right up to the trip to India in 1935 (DY 235).

There followed a quiet period, focused locally on the buildings, small congregations and smaller still monastic communities that they served in the immediate Los Angeles area.

This ended with the Encinitas Golden Temple sliding physically and symbolically into the sea in 1942 (DY 242). 1946 (DY 246) saw the release of the Autobiography and from there to his Mahasamadhi in 1952 (DY 252), Yoganadaji concentrated on writing, in order to reach the masses of that era, reaching the whole US, worldwide and most importantly down to us in coming generations.

With that, he was  breaking barriers of space and time, in tune with the Dwapara Yuga archetype.

This was in ways that were not necessarily clear to many of the high ranking devotees of the era, who had the strong affinities, blinkered horizons  and likely sanskaras associated with Kali Yuga tinged religious models from Mormonism to the Catholic Monasticism of the Middle Ages.


It was in that final phase of Yoganandaji's life mission that he told the then young Kriyanandaji that his work would be “lecturing and writing".  Kriyanadaji was surprised that anything else needed to be written.  Yoganandaji responded “Much yet remains to be written."

Kriyanandaji wrote and also lectured prolifically, prior to his own passing in 2013 (DY 313), complimenting the somewhat meager written releases from SRF and its return to being an inward facing and regional church focused in the LA area.


Disciples still incarnate such as Joseph Selbie and Richard Salva are writing great material prolifically.

Good writing from eBooks to movies inspires, with Star Trek a good case in point.

Yoganandaji said, “If you read for an hour, write for two hours; and if you write for two hours, think for three hours; and if you think for three hours, meditate all the time.”

Why be a passive bystander?  Why not write something YOURSELF - a new expression of that mission?

February 22, 2015

7th laptop donated to children in the developing world

All profits from the Dwapara Yuga blog, associated apps and books are donated to the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Foundation.
For the author, access to the Apple ][ personal computer decades ago was a gateway to knowledge, from technology, to modern business and modern spirituality, an opportunity that OLPC today affords to children in the developing world.

OLPC donations of all profits continuing in 2017.

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